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Our passion for specialty coffee and the people it connects drives us at Smiling Monk Coffee. We don’t want to be the big dogs on the block. We are all about making quality product for discerning peeps, who love and want to up their coffee game! 


Hey there, I’m Zeb, the founder of Smiling Monk and here’s a bit about how I got here and how I can help you. Over eight years I helped hundreds of businesses set and achieve their financial targets as a finance manager at one of the big four banks. I turned my skills to setting up and growing a thriving cafe in the Hunter Valley in 2014 and fell hook line and sinker in love with the coffee bean. Five years later I sold the café and moved into roasting to help new and established coffee businesses grow and thrive as mine had. 


Wherever you’re at in your business- we’ve got you covered! Benefit from the experience of our team of roasters, barista trainers, cafe coaches, equipment suppliers and service technicians. If you love specialty coffee and want more than a product supplier, we’d love to hear from you! 


Enjoying quality coffee while surrounded with smiles always warm my heart. That’s how I fell in love with making and drinking espresso. 

Having a cafe was always my dream, and now it is my passion. Smiling Monk’s culture and products are a perfect match with what I seek for my cafe and my customers. They are always there for you and willing to help with all aspects of not only coffee, but business as well. It’s not just about selling products; it’s about bringing an exceptional coffee experience to people.


Partnering with Smiling Monk has been wonderful and easy. 

Karen (Owner) – Munkeeskins Cafe