Microlot - Kenya Ruchu AA

This microlot comes from Ruchu, a sub district of Murang’a County. The nearest main town is Kandara. Muranga County is one of the five counties in the country’s central region.  Murang'a County is thought to be birthplace of Kenya’s Kikuyu community; it’s also where the Mau Mau uprising began that bought bitter conflict to area and played a significant part in Kenya’s independence.


Ruchu Gacharage Farmers’ Cooperative Society, which was established in 1961, has around 700 active members with approximately 350 hectares of coffee under cultivation producing up to 335 metric tonnes of cherry annually. Coffee is all handpicked and taken to the mill daily. Rigid quality control ensures only ripe cherries are processed with all cherries hand sorted. All the water used for the washed process is drawn from the nearby Ruchu River.


Process - Washed

Region - Ruchu, Murang'a

Producer - Ruchu Gacharage Co-op

Altitude - 1200 - 1400 MASL

Varietal - SL 28 , SL 34

Cup score - 88 Microlot


Flavour: juicy mandarin - dark chocolate - honey sweetness

(best enjoyed black)



Milk -

In - 23g (ground coffee into filter basket)

Out - 39g (espresso into cup)

Time - 28-30 seconds

Temp - 93.5 degrees

Black -

In - 23g (ground coffee into filter basket)

Out - 44g (espresso into cup)

Time - 26-28 seconds

Temp - 93.5 degrees

Filter - 

In - 15g

Out - 250g

Time - 2.5 mins

Temp - 95 degrees

Microlot - Kenya Ruchu AA